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India Vs China - who scores more in Outsourcing?

The education and the common language as English has been an advantage in India. So in a way, English acts as a binding factor. This has given us a small edge over several other Asian countries, where English is not compulsory.

An offshoot of this is the Support Industry from India. Decent technical skills coupled with good English knowledge and low-cost manpower has resulted in a great many companies from US/Europe outsourcing their support to third party Indian companies.

This works out great for both parties, since the Indian gets paid really well (well at least relative to Indian standards) and the company need only pay very less. ( Advantages of Outsourcing )

The other advantage is the cost of hardware and other structural costs. Therefore, the setting up of the support organization takes less time, and is cost benefited. ( Advantages of Outsourcing )

A win-win situation for the Software Industry in India.

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