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A primary force driving the success of Drona's vision and solution offerings is the team behind them. The management team brings to the venture extensive knowledge and experience of the software solutions and the demands of a burgeoning e-Business marketplace. Their understanding of the underlying market and technology trends transforming the industry is the creative force behind their vision for a flexible, new approach to delivering value-added, revenue-generating software solutions and services.

Prakash Chakkunny
Center Head (Indian Operations & HR)

Mr. Chakkunny obtained his B.E Electronics and Communication from Karnataka University. He joined Superatronics and became Chief Engineer of the R&D wing where he designed power systems for extremely low tolerance equipment. In 1995 he joined KODEIKOS as the R&D Manager. His pioneering cost-effective designs were soon the company's major revenue-earners which earned him a seat on the board of directors. Not satisfied with the quality and design of power equipments available in the market, Mr. Chakkunny founded EmanuelPower Industries.

Sadhana Somasekhar
CMO - Marketing and Business Development

Ms. Somasekhar was Vice President for International Operations for Nexus Computers Limited, one of India's largest solution providers in infrastructure solutions and services. From August 1990 onwards, Ms. Somasekhar has held various management level country and international protocols including operating in the capacity of Director for Business Development for Nexus Global Systems Pte. Limited, Singapore. Ms. Somasekhar, since 2002 January has also held the additional portfolio as head for IBM operations for Nexus India. She was responsible for the inception for the company's Global Solutions Division.

Her basic academic background is varied and comprises of a B.Sc. in Microbiology from the University of Bombay, India. She specialized with a post Graduate Diploma in Medical Technology. Her fascination with Information Technology and its impact on the emerging IT centric world, saw her graduating with a post graduate honors in Systems Analysis from the National Institute of Information Technology, Chennai, India. Her business upgrades include CISCO certified sales Expert and CISCO certified advanced sales expert certifications with specialization in security solutions.

Rony Sawdayi

Mr. Sawdayi has close to two decades of experience in computer science & engineering and management in the software industry. At the outset of his career, he led several successful projects at Einstein & Associates and Applied Parallel Research to develop tools and software for the supercomputing community including Forge, a parallel-processing tool that enhances software performance on supercomputers and other multi-processor machines.

In recent years, Mr. Sawdayi has been working in the Internet industry. At Twin Sun Inc., he developed modularized infrastructure for online services supporting email, account administration, games, commerce and audio conferencing. He headed the development team of Netio, a network appliance of email, DNS and HTTP services. As Director of Engineering and MIS at Amtec Audiotext Inc., Mr. Sawdayi re-engineered a complex e-commerce billing system. He has consulted for various high-tech startups as well as established global players like IBM, Intel, Sun Microsystems, Bandai Digital Entertainment and federal organizations and labs. Mr. Sawdayi graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering and a M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA.

Shaji Sebastian

Mr. Sebastian obtained a B.Sc. in Math from the University of Madras and a M.S. in Math from Northeastern University, Boston in 1992. In 1995, fascinated by emerging Internet related technology, he left graduate studies in Statistics at the University of California at Berkeley to join Twin Sun, a visionary high-tech startup. At Twin Sun Mr. Sebastian created one of the first Java enterprise-class servers and developed one of the earliest Java database connectivity software packages.

Mr. Sebastian was also responsible for the architecture of Netio, a network appliance that offered email, DNS and HTTP services. His open-source contributions include a Java compiler written in Java in 1997. He has consulted for several high-tech startups as well as for Sun Microsystems and Sempra Energy.

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