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ValueD, Drona's Partner Program brings together complementary technology partners committed to working together to deliver integrated and profitable software solutions and services to customers. The goal of the program is to enable Internet based solution providers to offer their customers addictive new software solutions and services that exploit the advantages of the Internet, generate revenue, and differentiate their solution offering.

ValueD includes a wide range of collaboration opportunities, including joint software development, outsourcing partnerships, consultancy and joint sales and marketing. The scope of this total effort ensures that our partners receive cost- effective and optimized NextGen Internet based e-business solutions and services.

Drona is firmly committed to bringing standards-based, open solutions to our partners and customers alike. Drona applications use open protocol standards. We are specialists in architecting and developing secure, scalable and distributed Internet e-business solutions.

The ValueD Partner Program focuses on establishing relationships with the recognized leaders of E-business and Internet based solutions. The goal of these relationships is to ensure that the Drona e-business solution suite is leveraged to deliver differentiated, high-margin enhanced applications

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