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Drona Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1998 to develop Internet based software solutions and services that would improve the competitive position of our customers. We believe that deployment of e-business solutions is a deliberate and evolutionary process and we enable the transition to take place from the traditional process to the web-age e-business era through our cost effective and high quality solutions.

Market Background - Software and the commoditization issue

The coming of the web-age or the Internet age, technological innovations, electronic markets etc. have increased competition among software solution providers to levels far above any of the years gone by. This increased competition, combined with weak qualitative differentiation among solution offerings, has commoditized traditional software solutions, making it more difficult to attract new customers, and has increased customer churn.

In addition, the transition from traditional non-internet based business to the new e-business standards, which will eventually bring dramatic reduction in the cost of offerings, has engendered massive capital expenditures.

The combination of greatly increased competition and heavy capital outlays is putting extreme pressure on profits. Internet based solution providers need to overcome the commoditization issue that makes it difficult to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Market Opportunity

India's IT services and software exporters are seen picking up business as overseas clients from a range of industries outsource to cut costs. The downturn has in fact helped bring new clients to India's IT services sector.

Having ridden out a global technology slowdown in style, India's world class IT services and software exporters are seen picking up business as overseas clients from a range of industries outsource to cut costs.

India's National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) has forecast IT services and software exports to grow 30 percent in the year to March 2003, after managing 29 percent growth in the previous year. Software service exports totalled $7.5 billion last year, just missing the Nasscom's 30-35 percent target, while the US -- making up 60 percent of demand for India's software exports -- dipped into recession. In fact, the downturn helped bring new clients to India's IT services sector. Budget squeezing retailers and financial and insurance firms are taking over from grounded telecom clients in seeking cheaper outsourcing solutions. India's software exports contribute about 16 percent to the country's total exports and are the fastest growing segment.

Fund managers have cut exposure to the software sector after the growth rates sobered, but are still betting on a US recovery. Analysts say old economy and new economy valuations are leveling.

India's information technology index, among India's worst performers in 2001, has risen one to two percent this year compared to a five to six percent rise in the broader market.

The Solution . Sustainable Differentiation

The solution to the commoditization concern is differentiation, presenting potential new customers with clear and compelling reasons to try us and existing customers with equally compelling reasons to remain. The most effective technique is to build relationships where the software solution provider meets the customer's individual needs by customizing the offering and goes on to further personalize its implementation. Drona's E-business solutions suite enables this level of differentiation through its state of art solutions, robust architecture and modular design, so that our solutions grow with your requirements.

Drona Product Overview

Drona's e-business solution suite enables customers to create the sustainable differentiation to their own business processes thereby increasing process efficiency, reducing customer churn and improved profitability. Drona's Internet based software solutions are the next-generation applications software that delivers highly efficient, commercially attractive solutions and services.

Four main solutions comprise the Drona E-business solution suite:

Drona e-Soft Drona b-Soft Drona e-CRM Drona e-Serv

Ramp Up your bottom line

Drona's solutions are approached, designed, implemented and supported to attract and retain its patrons. The combination of high value applications with the personalization builds customer loyalty, lowers marketing and provisioning costs, and grows revenue.

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