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Business Solutions

Economic pressures and dynamic business environments create complex IT challenges. Drona utilizes technology to take your business to the next level of expertise and excellence. We provide services to resolve your IT issues and convert investment to competitive advantage. Our professionals on board, help you stay in control of critical information resources, and provide consistent and predictable performance, to deliver Internet based software solutions and services that are reliable, secure and cost effective.

Consulting Services

Drona helps IT organizations design, build, and transform solutions in the shortest time possible. We consult on technology, process, and people to meet the client's business needs. We aim is to sustain and exceed service objectives in the market for the end user's availability, performance, and security in a cost effective manner.

Drona services include:

Software Development
Professional Services
System Integration
International Product Support
Technology advice and solutions
Providing information and resources to develop, deploy, and sell products
System integration and monitoring services
Quality assurance services

Web Services

Web services help realize your business online. It provides a safe, reliable, and secure way to transact business on the powerful framework of the Internet. To further simplify it, all plans include a Drona consultant in direct contact with you. Drona's Web specialists guide you through the process.

Drona Web services:

Design and creation of Websites
Development of Portals
Development of Internet applications
Development of Intranets/Extranets
Internet Marketing

e-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce is a business strategy for realizing greater profitability and improved competitive advantage in the new e-World. Drona offers comprehensive solutions to support your customer strategies. These solutions are based on alliances with World-class application partners, such as, IBM, BEA, etc.

Solutions include:

Online Shopping Software
e-Store packages
e-business software solutions

Sponsored search placement

SSP, or pay-per-click (PPC) is a unique advertising method which allows businesses to take advantage of affordable and targeted leads to buy placement at almost every major search engine. Industry leaders Overture and Google AdWords provide advertisers with a complex, self-service marketplace to create and manage campaigns online. Many attempt to setup and manage these accounts on their own with out realizing that it is a complex, confusing and time consuming process. Our professional approach helps maximize results to make the difference between a marketing campaign's success or failure.

Drona helps maximize the returns on your investment (ROI) in your sponsored search campaigns by providing the following services:

Professional Account Setup

Our Experienced Professionals thoroughly review your Web site and choose relevant key terms and phrases that represent your company's products and services with the lowest bids for the most traffic.

Customized Titles and Descriptions

Since you only pay when a targeted lead actually clicks on your listing, our experienced writers develop customized titles and descriptions to attract the most qualified leads.

Dedicated Account Managers

Our account managers will continually monitor your account, terms and budget in order to help you achieve your desired goals and objectives. Our goal is to ensure that you have a positive and profitable experience.

Detailed Reports

We provide comprehensive reports that provide you with valuable statistical information to make informed marketing decisions. You will receive semi weekly Campaign Account Summary Reports and weekly Post Click Reports. Our easy to read reports will help you understand your detailed results and monitor your progress.


With our full range of services and our extensive cross-platform development and testing environment, we create software that enhances and helps optimize your business processes quickly and effectively.

Drona eSoft : e-Business solutions

Web-enabled and Internet-integrated e-business solutions. To fully exploit the potential of the Internet and the new electronic markets, your business system needs to be integrated with e-business applications. We design, architect and develop secure, scalable, and distributed Internet based e-business solutions using object-oriented software and relational database technology.

Drona bSoft : Business Intelligence and Financials

For business analysis and financial control. We design software to give you precise online picture of your most profitable customers and products, combined with statistics regarding sales, inventory turnover, cash flow or any other key figure that is important to you.

Drona eCRM : Customer Relationship Management

Software solutions designed to focus on customer performance and customer oriented added-value services, providing all the functionality for customer driven sales processes, and brings competitive advantages such as an optimal balance between inventory levels and customer service.

Drona eServ : Out-sourced / Managed Services

Offshore India based business services: Accounts, Sales & Marketing, Customer support etc.

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