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User Targeting

The users coming to the customers website were monitored using cookies. The list of categories in which the user seems to be having interest will be stored in the cookie. When the user visits the customer's site, based on the value of the cookie, advertisements will be picked up and displayed.

Oracle database engineering:

1. For decreasing the uploading time: 
Log files generated for the customer's site were too high in number. It was taking more than 24 hours for loading one days data into the oracle database for analysis.

The table designs were modified. Oracle's bulk loading tool called SQLloader was used for loading the data into oracle. Oracle's bulk binding technology was used to load a table by taking value from another oracle table. This way, loading time was brought down to less than 4 hours for loading one day's data.

2. For decreasing query response time: 
A normal concatenated index was used for searching this table. It was replaced with bitmap indexes, which made the queries very faster and also decreased the disk space requirement.

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